I was just tired of everything. Had no life. Was there hope fo me? Was there butterflies or donkey waiting to jerk me off? don't know, and won't know. Truth is – it'll never knock on your door.

Little steps, build that confidence. Little steps, build them skills. the discipline

So I have to come up with a schedule – that's easy I have to follow it – oh boi, there we go.

Is there anything I'd love to do?

Fly, choke motherfuckers etc. I wrote it down somewhere. Let me find it quick: ok got it

So, apart from Saturday, here's what's gonna happen:

Rule number 1: No sugar, no fucking bread, no coffee no smoke or porn or none of that stuff, okay?

Rule number 2: You wake up 5:30 every morning You flush your face with cold water You go to gym, and you should be finished with that by 8